May 14-22, 2020 Grand Staircase-Grand Canyon Tour w/Purpose Driven Tours & Russ Miller Sold Out

Grand Staircase-Grand Canyon Biblical Creation Tour
May 14-22, 2020.  SOLD OUT!

Go with us on one of our 2021  journeys where seats are available! Coming in 2021: May 27-30-Rim & Raft Trip; June 3-6-Rim & Raft Trip; June 10-13-Rim & Raft Trip; June 17-20-Rim & Raft Trip; June 20-28-Grand Staircase Tour; August 19-22-Rim & Raft Trip; Oct 7-13-Grand Staircase Tour; 2021 trips will be listed on our site after August 1, 2020.

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Have you ever wanted to get up close to the Grand Canyon, Bryce National Park, Zion National Park and understand it all while viewing the Grand Staircase? This creation-based tour will bless you immensely as you see these incredible monuments and also get to experience the Colorado River and the magnificent Lake Powell with Horseshoe Bend.
Our incredible tour is all inclusive. We spend a night in Phoenix or
Flagstaff at the beginning and end or join the whole tour from Flowood, MS.  Just bring smiles and casual clothes for this adventure, everything else is included! Meals, water, tips, hotels, the leisurely float trip down the Colorado, the ambience of lovely lodges and excellent meals with fun fellowship.
This tour also incorporates the amazing parts of the Biblical history of the flood – the Grand Staircase with finite instruction by Russ Miller who will use the Bible as his guide. As we learn of God’s glory, we will see the Grand Staircase “steps”, the monuments at Bryce National Park and finally those at Zion National Park and North Rim of Grand Canyon!   This tour is ideal for singles, couples and families. It will be a time of enjoying God’s creation in a sun filled, majestic environment.

You will see Creation rock, where the Global Flood layers sit, and proof that sediments a mile deep have been removed from the region! Plan on lively fellowship and fun together.

Here is a 2-minute video about the tour.

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