What do ERVs got to do with it?

Secular Humanists claim that ERVs “Endogenous (splicing) Retro (backwards copying) Viruses” are undeniable proof that apes and humans evolved from a common ancestor.

So let’s dissect this so every one can see the facts.

First, a retrovirus injects a small strand of RNA into a cell where it splices and backwards copies itself into the victim’s DNA to become an ERV sequence.

Note: the ERV must occur in DNA pertaining to reproduction in order to be passed on to the next generation and research reveals that ERVs can move around after they have spliced into a gene.

Second, Darwinists ignore the fact that ERVs can move around and assume that an inherited ERV will always show up in the same genetic location. Then they search for ERVs in chimp DNA that are located in the same spot as those found in human DNA claiming that any such ERV is proof we have a common ancestor.

Indeed, 14 out of 98,000 human ERVs are found in the same location as are 14 chimp ERVs (.00014%). However, this means that 99.99986% are not the same! Hardly proof in favor of a close common ancestry between ape and man.

Also, since the average ERV only contains 500 base pairs of genetic data, whereas a human cell contains 3,000,000,000 base pairs of information, claiming that ERVs prove evolutionism is nothing more than Humanistic hype.

The bottom line is this: People must learn to distinguish real science from biased Humanistic conjecture.

So what do ERVs have to do with proving Darwinism? Absolutely nothing!