COSt (Creation, Original sin, Separation, redemption) by Russ Miller


Finally an easy-to-understand and to-the-point resource to help anyone master “creation versus evolution” and age-of-the-earth questions!

This book covers the Top Ten Old-Earth beliefs, Top Ten Darwinian teachings and much more – all the while revealing that a biblical-based interpretation of the world fits like a hand-in-a-glove.

“Of all the books I’ve read on Creation, “COST” is perhaps the simplest, yet most comprehensive book on the reason why origins are vital for a Christian to understand today. While staying away from the technical language “COST” clearly lays out the issues at hand, and is the most reader-friendly book I’ve read on this topic. We need this resource out there.” Charlie Wolcott, President, Worldview Warriors


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Brand new, 2020 update of the classic The COSt. Russ’ New Book, COSt reveals why: a loving God allows a world with death, beliefs that place death-before-Adam undermine faith in the Gospel, a day is not a thousand years to God, old earth beliefs must deny the global flood, real science supports the Bible, and much more! Eye-opening and life-changing!

The included chapter-by-chapter Study Guide makes this a great tool for personal, small group, Sunday school or classroom use.  The book also serves as an excellent quick reference book for creation/evolution issues.

References 280 sources + 295 Bible verses!