Creation Ministry Speaker Package


Ever thought about investing in becoming a Creation Speaker? We can enable you present some of the best presentations anywhere with CESM’s Creation Ministry Speaker Package! The package includes Russ Miller’s top five Power Point Presentations & more! Each of these messages took Russ months to put together and years to fine tune. You could be presenting them within a week!

These riveting presentations have led thousands of people to enduring faith in Jesus and in the entire Word of God. CESM is looking to help Believers who desire to invest in sharing the Truth of Biblical Creation with others in order to serve our Creator and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Your Creation Ministry Speaker Package will include: 1] Five of Russ Miller’s Power Point Presentations on DVD  (Science vs Darwinism In The Textbooks; An Old Earth or A Global Flood; Noah’s Ark & Dinosaurs; If The Foundations Be Destroyed; and The Evil Fruit of Old Earth Beliefs).  Russ’ “Speaker Notes” are incorporated into the PowerPoint visuals! 2] our Five DVD Multi Set; and 3] Russ’ book, The COSt.

With these tools you will quickly become prepared to be an effective Creation Speaker!  Simply: a) watch Russ present one of the messages; and b) tab thru that Power Point presentation, reading the information on each visual.  Do this until you are comfortable with the message and you will be ready to present some of the best presentations in the world.

Next, read The COSt to gain a solid understanding of the issues so you can easily answer common, even technical, questions.

Also available on our website store is our Create Your Own Creation Ministry CD Set which includes 2 CD’s with 750+ Power Point visuals that you can incorporate into your presentations.

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Weight 2.00 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 3 in