CESM Essentials Plus – Thumb-Drive


This resource takes the assets from our “Essentials” Thumb Drive and adds 25+ videos, 200+ audios, 600+ written articles and 4 more books!


CESM  Essentials “PLUS”  is absolutely  jam-packed with information.  A big 16 g thumb-drive that will give you incredible information and resources.  The PLUS thumb-drive includes:

  • CESM’s New 5-disc DVD study set
  • Russ Miller’s New book, COSt
  •  PDF reproducible for Noah’s Ark and Dinosaurs Coloring book and America’s Christian Heritage Coloring Book.  Make as many copies as you like.
  •  27 ADDITIONAL Videos to include Grand Canyon filmed on the Rim of the Canyon; Q&A and our new “Give a Reason” DVD that includes Russ’ 4 top teachings to share with family and frineds.
  • 215 (yes that’s right-215) Audios including messages, Q&A and radio programs.
  •  4 BOOKs (in addition to the COSt).  Theft of America’s Christian Heritage; 371 Days that Scarred Our Planet; The Facts are Talking and the 700 plus page Evolution Handbook, the encyclopedia for  Creation Science.

The Essentials “PLUS” is a $599.00 value and we are offering it online for only $115.00 and that includes shipping and handling.