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This set includes all five of our individual DVD’s.  For everyone desiring to understand the creation/ evolution/age-of-the-earth issues. Russ’ interesting, logical and eye-opening teachings are one of the best ways to get a grasp of the many issues involved.

See a detailed explanation of each of the 5 DVD’s below…

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DVD #1: The Darwinian Delusion

Explains the foundational issues so everyone will understand the vital importance of the issues, especially the relevance of when death entered the world. Covers the Top Ten Darwinian teachings; Why America’s great Christian heritage has, and is, being erased; and a Q&A session with Russ on creation/evolution topics. This is a powerful and eye-opening resource!

DVD #2: It’s About Time

Explains the foundational issues so everyone will understand how old-earth beliefs place death-before-Adam eliminating that Adam’s original sin brought in death while separating us from God, requiring our redemption through the Lord Jesus Christ! Covers the Top Ten Old-Earth beliefs; reveals why a Global Flood erodes all death-before-Adam teachings; Noah’s Ark & Dinosaur; and a Q&A session with Russ on age-of-the-earth topics. This is must-see information for everyone, especially Christians who have unwittingly accepted these secular foundations.

DVD #3: Grand Canyon, Grand Staircase & Mt. St. Helens

Russ began leading Christian tours to Grand Canyon in 2004. He has rafted the entire length of the Canyon more than ten times and takes nearly 1,000 people there each year. Filmed right on the edge of Grand Canyon, Russ explains the “Six Day Formation”
of the Canyon, the 10,000+ feet of stratified rock layers missing from above the Canyon’s rim, and the massive erosional event that left behind the Grand Staircase (which includes Bryce and Zion)! Viably explicable only as the result of a Global Flood,
Russ explains how the flood erodes the foundation of secular beliefs, including Darwinism. This Resource includes an award winning short film on Grand Canyon and Russ’s on-the-rim talks from his Rim tours. Also includes a must-know teaching about
what Scripture tells us about the length of God’s creation week.

DVD #4: Biblical Creation

Explains the foundational issues so viewers will understand why our belief in our origins matter. Includes riveting teachings that go from the inner workings of a cell to the outer reaches of the universe, delves into events to occur during the tribulation that will begin
the restoration of God’s Creation, and answers the Top 25 Questions posed to us by those skeptical of God’s Word. Fun, informative and thought provoking.

DVD #5: By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them

Jesus Christ told us to tell good from evil by the fruit being produced! Thus, built around Romans 1:17-32, Russ spells out many of the fruits coming from old-earth, and Darwinian teachings. Reveals why so many of America’s high school grads are embarrassed of their country, are ashamed of Christianity, and are voting for socialist/Marxist candidates. Also exposes anti-biblical teachings being promoted through much of the institutionalized liberal church. By this DVD you will know the good from the evil.

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