Our  DVD set includes ALL FIVE of the CESM “Series” DVDs and the following seminars:

  • The Theft of America’s Christian Heritage
  • Science vs. Darwinism in the Textbooks
  • Public School Menticide
  • The Foundations – why “Creation” matters
  • An Old Earth or a Global Flood
  • Noah’s Ark and Dinosaurs
  • What Scripture Says about Creation
  • FAQs on the Age-of-the-Earth
  • Facts Compared to God’s Word
  • Microscopic Man – Astronomical God
  • FAQS on Biblical Creation and Darwinism
  • Block One Studios Award Winning Grand Canyon Film
  • The Six-Day Formation of Grand Canyon and Grand Staircase
  • On the Rim with Russ
  • The Evil Fruit of Old -Earth Beliefs
  • False Christ Shall Arise

This 5 pack-multi-DVD set that is loaded with shocking and eye-opening information, that glorifies God and the TRUTH of His Scriptures.

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