We have all of our teachings, filmed live, on both our DVD’s and online videos. On Vimeo you can watch 95 of our videos gxpmzVQhziNXupRBgjpoBDhUqDpj2KJbBXwZQU1KBsM,BRnvOPtbcyRmRRcRfec4RMfyZT-LjQRZuFEwO765rnE in 3 categories:

1] Age-of-the-Earth issues contains 39 videos including “An Old Earth or A Global Flood” and “Grand Canyon & The Grand Staircase” plus Russ’ on-the-rim talks Russ teaching at Bryce 2jpg                                                            at Grand Canyon and more!

2] Creation & Evolution issues has 23 videos including “Science vs Darwinism in the Textbooks” and “If The Foundations Be Destroyed.”

3] Q&A with Russ has 36 short videos of Russ providing answers for many of our most   frequently asked questions. T Reynolds COST L3Si2cMLGNyvmZe_LBB7oJS3CFCwuAhHr4z55Y3JQPk

See CESM Videos on Vimeo

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