“You spoke at my church and had a tremendous influence on my family!”

These are the type of comments you WILL will hear after hosting CESM Church & Conference messages or DVD studies!

“I’m a former professor, degreed in Physical Anthropology. My thesis was published in the journal Primates and I once shared a lectern with Stephen Gould. Then I found Jesus. This is to say you do a marvelous job with your Facts vs. Darwinism.” S. Yulish, Ph.D.”

“I hold an advanced degree in biology and attended your “50 Facts versus Darwinism” in order to debate with you. Instead, you showed me everything I had been taught was based upon a lie!” Angela in MI

“As a biology major and teacher, I came to hear what you would spew from your mouth against science. What you revealed was that I had been lied to. As a result I gave my life back to God and now teach science in a Christian school.” Amy in AZ

“Russ, I’m a geologist and I want to commend you on your excellent materials!”  Brent in MT

“My friend, a science major attended your message at my church. Though he was mad at you afterward, within two weeks he admitted you were just telling the truth and his faith in God has grown dramatically.” Eli in TN

“Your ‘Facts vs. Biblical Accounts’ was rich. My dad doubted you because you challenged the veracity of carbon dating. He came to hear you and began with his arms crossed and a stern face. By the end he was relaxed and smiling. Well done.” Warren in AZ

“I’m hosting your DVDs in our adult Sunday school and it’s going great! Everyone is really excited! They are engrossed in the messages. Wow, I’m very excited to help get the Truth out! Blessings to you!” Bonnie in CA

“I’m 22 and was raised as a Christian, but I’m one of the 85% who lost their faith due to what we’re taught in college. My mom talked me into attending your seminars and I want you to know that I am back on track with God! Thank you for your ministry.” Ryan in AZ

“I hold an advanced degree in geology. Your presentation on the global flood has been a real eye-opener! Thank you very much.”     Don in AZ

“Russ, your visit to my church launched me on a quest. I immersed myself in the study of Creation vs. Evolution, and it has been the most enlightening and life-changing experience ever. I’ve become an ambassador for truth! There’s nothing like being armed with facts when it comes to the real issues of life and that’s what your sessions did for me.” Joe in AZ

“Awesome teaching! You gave the answers I have been looking for.
Yippee!” Aleena in AZ

“I attended your sessions in Denver and I heard that you are going to be in Albuquerque. I have many family members there who want to attend. Your messages are much more appreciated than you know.” Juanita in CO

“Thank you for a great presentation. We received lots of enthusiastic comments from our members. We so much appreciate your ministry and willingness to speak and teach the truth.” Ted & Christine in AZ

“I saw your seminars in college. Now I share the knowledge with my fellow Marines. Some of them are amazed, others in disbelief. Regardless, your valuable messages are spreading!” John, Overseas

“We had a lot of questions and I happened upon your website! You answered every question and more! I am so excited!” Julia in WA

“Thank you for the impact your seminars had on my teenage children at the national youth conference.” Mona in PA

“Thank you so much! For a long time I had been under the deception that the world is billions of years old and that Biblical creation is poetic. After seeing some of the evidence you have on your site I’m a firm believer that the bible is true word for word. I also appreciate how you portray the truth without belittling evolutionists, though they love doing that to you. You’re humble and I’m enjoying sharing my new found knowledge with fellow Christians. Thanks so much and God Bless you for all you do.” Chuck in AZ

“We were certainly blessed to have you here…So many people have told me how their eyes were opened to biblical truth. Many who held to varying forms of theistic evolution have expressed joy in finding the truth.” Pastor Will Stoll

“Mr. Miller has been given great insight and wisdom from the Lord for the defense of the Scriptures. He has a sincere desire to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ and does so through his creation presentations” – Pastor Robert Force

“Russ has a powerful ministry to youth and adults. He spoke at a Brethren National Youth Conference (over 2500 youth and leaders)…He is a passionate speaker and gifted communicator. He holds the attention of those in the audience as he challenges their thinking and convictions. He leaves them with concrete, biblical truth.” -Ed Lewis, Executive Director, CE National in IN

“We were Theistic Evolutionists for 25 years. After seeing your first 3 seminars, we now know that God created us in 6 days, just as the Bible says.” -Bob in AZ

“This type of ministry is one of the greatest needs in modern Christianity and Russ does an excellent presentation…What sets his ministry apart from other Creation ministries is the overwhelming amount of material he presents. This gives a very strong reassurance that Genesis is true and therefore the Bible is true and reliable for our lives.” -Pastor Ken Nickell, Crestview Church, Sedona, AZ

“We had Russ speak at the Calvary Chapel Creation Seminar. Russ was able to convey the information in such a way that even non-scientists were able to comprehend the importance and magnitude of the information. We highly recommend Russ.”        Pastor Tony Johndrow, Calvary in Pinetop, AZ

“It is my tremendous privilege to strongly recommend CESM to you. The depth of study and scholarship, the style of Russ’ presentation, the video support he shares and the wealth of materials he provides all combine to make this a must for every Christian. Our people now feel confident in their understanding of this vital issue and in their ability to clearly defend the Biblical viewpoint of Creation.”
-Pastor Rob Perkins, First Baptist Church (ABC) in Mesa, AZ

“As a professional Chemist and Pastor, I recommend Russ Miller to you. Russ has worked diligently to gather and organize a compelling presentation of scientific evidence in support of God’s creation, which he relates to scripture. These seminars strongly support that God created the universe and all life.” -Dr. Jack Swenson, Former Chemistry Dept. Chairman at Northern Arizona University in AZ

“Thank you for doing the seminar! I did not believe in evolution but I didn’t know why. If you believe the Word of God, but you don’t know much about science, evolutionists make you feel stupid. This made it all so easy to understand. Now I know why I don’t believe in evolution.” -Ann in CO

“CESM seminars have strengthened my faith immeasurably and provided me with the knowledge to do the same for others.”          Doug S. (BS Natural Resources-KSU)

“Although raised in a Christian home, I was questioning my faith because of what I was being taught in high school. After seeing Russ’s seminars, I know that I was created by God!” -Peter in AZ

“My 14 year old daughter didn’t want to attend your seminars because she thought that they would be boring, like school. She actually found them to be very interesting and I’ve heard her quoting you to her friends.” -Mary in CA

“I am a Biology major. Today the professor gave the example of gill slits in a baby while in the mother’s womb, which you had shown were simply folds in the skin which later develop into organs in the throat area. I just want to thank you for what you are doing. God bless.” -Jesse in OR

“You answered questions that I didn’t even realize were related to the topic. This is truly a faith building seminar and I recommend it to everyone. Thanks!” Norm in AK

These are the typical comments YOU will hear after hosting CESM live presentations or DVD studies. Help to reap a bountiful harvest for the Kingdom of God by setting up a CESM series soon!