Frequently Asked Questions – Darwinism, Creation, Age-of-the-Earth

  • Darwinism
  • As long as I believe in the Bible, why should I care about the creation-evolution issue?

    As long as I believe in the Bible, why should I care about the creation-evolution issue?

    First, I have great respect for anyone who, despite the massive propaganda assault by Secular Humanists through public schools, colleges, the media, National Parks, museums and more, can still see through to the truth of God’s non-compromised Word. Still, here are 2 reasons why you should care.

    1. The message of salvation is Adam’s original sin (which let death enter God’s perfect Creation) separated us from God, eventually leading to Jesus' sacrifice on the cross so we could be redeemed with God should we accept the Biblical Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Darwinism says that man came about by billions of years of death and suffering. Thus man’s sin did not bring in death or separate us from God. Hence there's no need for Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. This is what 'millions of years leading to Darwinism' is really about.
    2. Studies are showing that most kids raised in Christian homes leave the 'church' behind before they graduate college and 96% of churchgoers hold a Secular worldview rather than a Biblical view, due to the teaching of 'millions of years leading to Darwinism.' The religious philosophies of 'billions of years" and Darwinism have spread like a deadly cancer into every aspect of society, causing billions of people to reject Jesus Christ as Creator, Lord and Savior.

    If you have family, friends or neighbors you should care. I suggest you see our Video: Evil Fruit of Old Earth Beliefs...

  • Are you concerned that scientists will one day find proof of our origins?

    Real science is a Believer's true friend and researchers have found volumes of proof of our origins but they've made accepting their findings an impossibility by ruling out the correct cause of our origins before they started their testing. For example, take a group of mathematicians who've ruled out the number 2. No matter what, 2 can not be considered as a possible answer. Next, they set out to answer the equation 1 + 1=? Well, they’ve made it impossible to come to the correct conclusion, unless they're willing to admit their initial assumption was wrong.

    Likewise, secular researchers, biased by beliefs in "millions of years leading to Darwinism,"have ruled out Creation as an answer before any research is conducted. No matter how many principles of science Darwinism violates, no matter how much evidence screams intelligent design or global flood, creation is not allowed to be considered. They’ve ruled out the correct answer based on their bias and therefore, unless they accept that their assumptions are wrong, they'll never arrive at the true answer of our origins. Such bias is truly science falsely so-called (1 Tim 6:20).

    Real science is a Believer's best friend and always reveals that God's Word is true. Word for Word and cover to cover!

  • Are insects becoming resistant to insecticides proof that they are evolving?

    Though often cited as proof of Darwinian change this example does not support evolutionism. Let’s pretend we start with 1,000 cockroaches and spray them with an insecticide which kills 998 of them. Did the 2 survivors instantaneously evolve an immune system? Of course not! They already had a gene in their DNA which allowed them to survive the poison. The dead ones did not. The two simply survived and since their offspring will likely inherit this gene the new population will be immune to this pesticide. Whether the example is bugs becoming resistant to pesticides or rats becoming resistant to poisons, this is simply survival, not Darwinism-in-action. This is also proof of our Intelligent Biblical Designer.

    Bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics is often cited as proof for Neo-Darwinian evolution (beneficial mutations, aided by natural selection, taking over a gene pool). This is also pure deception. A rare mutation could cause over-production of a penicillin-destroying enzyme. While beneficial to a bacteria inside a person receiving penicillin, this is a non-beneficial mutation overall as all other such bacteria waste their resources producing the unneeded anti-penicillin enzyme. Thus, they are the weakest in nature and are removed by natural selection.

    See our video Science vs Darwinism In the Textbooks

  • Is a short hair dog producing a long hair dog proof of Darwinian evolution?

    It proves that we need to clearly define the term evolution. From a biological standpoint, let’s focus on micro evolution, macro evolution and genetic information. Micro is simply an adaptation (variation) within the same kind of plant or animal. The genetic information for the adaptation was already present in the parents gene pool. This is vital to understand. For example, you could take a male and female dog (mutts work the best due to their wide gene pool) and selectively breed dogs for 20 years. By the end, you would likely have 100 very different dogs, but they would still be dogs. Though there may be wide variations, dogs producing dogs are simply micro changes. Micro always ends up with the same kind that was started with.  and result from the sorting or loss of pre-existing genetic information. This is a scientific principle know as Gene Depletion. Micro adaptations are a scientific fact which we should expect since ten times in Genesis we're told that plants or animals will “bring forth after their kind”. Thus micro is both Biblical and Scientific.

    Macro evolution is Darwinian or Neo-Darwinian change, one kind changing into another kind. For example a dog producing a non-dog, like a cat or mouse and never has an example of Darwinian-Macro evolution been observed. In fact, the genetic information to change one kind, let’s say a dog, into a different kind, let’s say a rabbit, is not in the dog’s gene pool and science knows of no way for nature to add appreciable amounts of new and beneficial, genetic data to a gene pool. Macro evolution is both unobserved and goes against observable science. Yet macro is taught as fact in schools with micro adaptations provided as proof. This is fraudulent, yet has fooled billions of people. See our Downloadable Video: Science vs Darwinism in the Textbooks

  • Don’t the trees of life in science books prove Darwinian evolution happened?

    The Darwinian trees of life are a fairy tale. Each branch of these trees would require millions of transitional beings to be viable yet never has a single “missing link” been found that has held up to honest scientific scrutiny. None among the living beings on earth or in the fossil record(there are many misinterpreted and fraudulent ones presented however). In fact, all the basic body types (Phyla) are found in the lowest strata layer which contains fossils with many types having gone extinct. See our Downloadable Video: Science vs Darwinism in the Textbooks.

  • If we were created, why have ape-men been found?

    Never has an “ape-man” held up to true scientific scrutiny. Claimed ape-men have turned out to be either 100% human (Neanderthal man, Rhodesia man, Peking man, Homo Erectus, Cro-Magman, Neanderthals, etc.), 100% ape (Ramapithecus, Lucy, Tomei Man, Taung, Flat Faced man, the Australopithecines, etc.), or pure “mistakes” (Piltdown man, Java man, Homo Habilus, Orce man, Nebraska man, etc.). No doubt that some people lived in caves, but they were still 100% human. See my book Darwinian Delusion.

  • If we all descended from Adam and Eve, where did the different races come from?

    First, we DID NOT evolve to different levels as Darwinism implies. The Bible says we are all made in the image of God and the only race mentioned in the Bible is the human race (Malachi 2:10, Acts 17:26). We have no idea what color the skin of Adam or Eve was. However, if a white and black couple were to have a child, then that child’s offspring could be any white, brown or black shade found on earth. As far as physical traits are concerned, following the separation of people at the Tower of Babel, groups spread out and “inbred” within that group's gene pool for a few thousand years. Slight genetic losses (Gene Depletion) caused by mutations and adaptations in a particular group's gene pool resulted in various traits associated with that group today. This is why we can do blood transfusions or kidney transplants between various "looking" people. See Video: 50 Facts Compared to Biblical Accounts.

  • Why is a monkey's anatomy so similar to a human?

    Humans and monkeys have two arms, two legs, a torso and a head on top. This has nothing to do with having evolved from a bacteria cell or a common ancestor. Similarities are evidence that we have the same Intelligent Biblical Designer.

    I drive a Chevy pickup while my friend has a Chevy van and their dashboards are identical. This isn’t because they evolved from a skateboard, it’s due to having had the same Designer.

    See Downloadable Video: 50 Facts vs Darwinism in the Textbooks

  • Do human embryos go through animal stages as they develop?

    No. This fraudulent idea (known as the "Theory of Recapitulation" and the "Biogenetic Law") was first proposed in 1869 and was proven to be a fraud in the 1870’s. Sadly, this is still promoted in many colleges today. However, fraud in the 19th century is still fraud in the 21st century.

    I constantly ask: Why don’t Darwinists stop promoting known frauds and bring out the real evidence in favor of Darwinian change? Simply put, they don’t have any real evidence because Darwinian-style macro evolution never took place.

    I cover this fraud, along with many others, in my Downloadable Video: Science vs Darwinism in the Textbooks

  • Does Human chromosome 2 provide proof for Darwinism?

    See the article "Chromosomes" for details.

  • Do ERV’s provide proof for Darwinism?

    See the article "What's ERVs got to do with it?" for details.

  • Do pseudogenes provide proof for Darwinism?

    See the article "Pseudogenes" for details.

  • Do nylon eating bacteria provide proof for Darwinism?

    See the article "Nylon Eating Bacteria" for details.

  • Why don’t you believe the Big Bang produced the universe?

    See the article "Logically it's God" for details.

  • Is there evidence against Darwinian evolution other than the Bible?

    Yes. Observable science such as the complete lack of viable examples of Darwinism having occurred; the fact that Gene Depletion + Natural Selection make Darwinism a scientific impossibility; the fact that new and beneficial genetic data doesn’t form in nature…to name a few. See Downloadable Video: Science vs Darwinism in the Textbooks

  • What areas of Darwinism are the hardest to combat?

    The claim that life came from outer space. With no way to get life started, Darwinists first line of defense is to claim the origin of life has nothing to do with the origin of the species. Many Darwinian faithful are going to Panspermia/Transpermia (a meteor brought life to earth, aliens dropped us off. etc.). Since we can not search the entire universe this belief is non-refutable. Of course, a real scientific theory must be possible to refute so this makes Darwinism a non-refutable religious philosophy which has undermined both scientific research, scientific education and the faith of billions of people. See my book Darwinian Delusion.

  • How can so many scientists be wrong about Darwinian evolution?

    Three primary factors are: 1] Darwinism is all they’ve been taught since they were children; 2] their careers would be in grave jeopardy should they denounce Darwinism; and 3] many are simply rejecting their Creator.

    See Downloadable Video: 50 Facts vs Darwinism in the Textbooks

  • How do you respond to someone who thinks a day is a thousand years?

    If this is due to a misunderstanding of Psalm 90:4 or 2 Peter 3:8 I explain that, taken in the correct context, as all Scripture needs to be read, these verses are telling us God will do all that He has promised in His perfect timing. These verses have nothing to do with the length of the creation week, nor are they saying a day and a thousand years are the same thing to God.

  • Age of the Earth
  • What's the problem with putting millions of years into the Bible?

    The great majority of Christians who accept old earth beliefs have not considered the implications. Here is a partial list of ramifications of old-earth beliefs. For a Christian to accept old earth philosophies they:

    1. reject Col 2:8 (avoid man’s vain philosophies);
      1. trust in the slow, uniform accumulation of the fossil bearing strata layers (Uniformity is prophesied in 2 Peter 3:3-6);
      2. trust that death existed before man's original sin.
    2. reject “In the beginning God created” (Genesis 1:1a);
      1. reject the 6 day creation;
      2. reject Exodus 20:11 (For in six days the Lord made the heavens, earth…).
    3. reject Moses’ account of Noah’s Ark;
      1. reject Jesus’ claim that Noah’s Ark is a historical fact (Matthew 24:38).
    4. reject Moses’ account of the Global flood (which formed the fossil filled strata);
      1. reject Jesus’ claim that the global flood is a historical fact (Matthew 24:38-39);
      2. reject that man’s sin brought death into God’s perfect creation (Romans 5:12);
      3. reject that at the end of day 6 God called His creation very good (Genesis 1:31);
      4. reject that death is an enemy to God’s creation (1 Corinthians 15:26);
      5. reject God’s rainbow covenant (Genesis 9:11-13).
    5. reject the genealogies in I Chronicles & Luke;
      1. reject Jesus’ claim that man was made in the beginning (Mark 10:6);
      2. reject 1 Timothy 1:4 (don’t give heed to endless genealogies).
    6. reject Jesus’ words about the importance of believing Moses (John 5:46-47);
      1. reject Jesus’ sovereignty (Jesus refers to Genesis 25 times).
    7. reject that all Scripture was given by the inspiration of God;
      1. reject the Godly inspiration of every writer of the New Testament as each refers to Genesis - Genesis is referred to 200+ times in the New Testament;
      2. reject the Godly inspiration of all Old Testament authors who refer to Genesis.
    8. reject Jesus’ words about us living by every Word of God;
      1. reject Jesus’ words on telling good from bad by the fruits (billions have rejected Jesus due to old earth beliefs).
    9. reject I Thessalonians 5:21, Prove all things hold fast that which is good;
      1. reject the scientific information supporting the global flood;
      2. reject the evidence in support of an earth a few thousand years old;
      3. reject the scientific data supporting our Intelligent Biblical Designer.
    10. reject the COST, the foundations of Christianity (Psalm 11), that God created us in His image and gave us a perfect Creation but man’s original sin separated us from Him, allowing death to enter God’s perfect creation while requiring us to be redeemed (the Cross- T) with God through the acceptance of Jesus Christ, Who died in our place on a cross and arose to defeat death, as our Lord and Savior.

    This is just a partial list! The Bible tells us that if we BELIEVE in Him (the Jesus of Scripture) as our Lord and Savior, through grace by faith we will spend eternity with Him in heaven. If “millions of years” have you doubting the plain reading of the Bible, please see our DVD Video Series.

  • How do Secularists know how old a rock layer or a fossil is?

    They do not know. The ages they publish are based on dating the rock layers by the fossils that are found in the layer or by dating the fossils according to which rock layer they are found in. (Yes, it is circular reasoning).

    See Downloadable Video: Old Earth or Global Flood / Six Day Formation of Grand Canyon

  • Does Radiometric Dating prove the earth is billions of years old?

    Not at all. The only thing that these dating methods have proven is they (Ar-K,,Isochron, etc.) are unreliable. Science is based upon the observation and study of evidence. These dating methods make several non-observable wild guesses (assumptions) in order to provide an age for igneous rock. Take Ar-K dating. Potassium 40 decays into argon 40 and scientists can accurately measure the amounts of these elements in a rock. By assuming the rate of decay of Potassium to Argon has always been the same, and by assuming no argon was present when the rock formed, and by assuming the rock was never contaminated with argon an estimate is made as to how long the argon found in the rock today took to form. However, no one was there to observe that decay rates have been the same, that no argon was present when the rock formed or that no contamination occurred. Thus the radiometric dating process is a guessing game. For example, diamonds were dated at 6 billion years old yet Darwinists claim earth is only 4.6 billion years old. The lab responded, “There must have been argon present when the rocks formed which threw off the dates.” No kidding. Typically a wide range of ages are given by these methods with the date selected being the one which matches the Geologic Column. (see the next question about the Column).

  • Does the Geologic Time Scale prove evolution took place over billions of years?

    The Geologic Time Scale, or Column, was popularized by Charles Lyell in his 1830’s book “Principles of Geology”. He stated his goal was to undermine people’s faith in the Bible. The Geologic Time Scale is a drawing of sediment layers in order of their supposed age with corresponding “Index” fossils which have supposedly been extinct since the layer containing them was laid down. This is where old-earth beliefs are derived from, however the problems are insurmountable.

    For example, the rock layers are used to date the index fossils and the fossils are used to date the rock layers - complete circular reasoning.  Also, the “extinct” index fossils keep showing up alive today!  Most are marine creatures and we’ve only explored about 10% of the oceans. The index fossils have been showing up alive so often that a scientific class has been made for them! They are referred to as Lazarus Taxon (as they have "risen from the dead")!

    Most importantly, the order of strata layers, with their corresponding index fossils, from which old-earth beliefs are obtained, has never been found (in nature) in the order presented by this fictitious column of sediments. It's only found in textbook drawings and museum displays!

    In reality, the Geologic Time Scale does not exist!  Like other “proofs’ for Darwinism, the Geologic Column is non-observable and thus non-scientific. Yet it has caused billions of people to reject Biblical Creation and place their faith in Darwinism or various old age philosophies. For more information on the Geologic Column and examples of living “index fossils”, please see our message, Downloadable Video: Old Earth or Global Flood or Single DVD: An Old Earth or A Global Flood?.

  • What evidences support a global flood?

    The sedimentary strata layers which comprise the majority of the earth's crust, found in a mixed order of deposition around the globe, were laid down by water and have marine fossils throughout. Fossils of animals and plants provide solid proof of rapid burial as organic material must be buried quickly to be preserved to become fossils. Polystrata fossils are found that traverse multiple strata layers, proving the layers formed quickly. Geologic compression events, where complete mountain ranges are folded in 150+ degree bends, without cracking the rock layers, are also proof of a massive tectonic event taking place while the layers were still mud. Carbon-14 and amino acids, which should be gone after a few thousand years have been found in ALL fossil bearing layers attesting to their recent formation. C-14 is also found in diamonds, oil deposits, natural gas reserves and coal, attesting to their recent formation. See our teachings (Downloadable Video: Old Earth or Global Flood / or Single DVD: An Old Earth or A Global Flood?) to learn how Continental Drift, the Ice Age and more only fit with the global floo

  • If the earth is only a few thousand years old, why can we see light from stars that are billions of light years away?

    Here are a few things to be considered: The term a "light year" is a measurement of distance (6 trillion miles), not of time  God, who provided the light on the first day, made a mature creation including Adam (a grown man), stars and starlight, which were to been seen immediately for signs of the seasons. God claims He stretched out the heavens ten times in Scripture (Isaiah 40:22, 42:5, 45:12, Jeremiah 10:12). Also, in the new heaven and earth that Jesus will give us in the nearing future, there will be no more Sun or moon as He will again provide the light.

    Many independent teams of scientists have reported slowing light to a dead stop. If mankind can alter the speed of light, the starlight question becomes a non-issue since God could certainly do so.

    Also, if stars evolve, star births should exceed star deaths. Yet 100’s of star deaths have been observed while never has a star birth been seen. This is why Secular astronomers continually claim to have 'discovered' star birthing regions in space, only to be proven wrong once real science provides some honest scrutiny.

    Though Scripture answers the issue, there are several viable theories on why we can see starlight from distant sources in a creation that is only a few thousand years old. One good example is Dr. Russell Humphries book – Starlight and Time. I suggest you review his theory should you want to see an interesting and technical explanation that fits with known scientific facts.

    In 2 Peter 3:3-6 it is foretold that in the last days scoffers would: a) claim current rates are the same as they have always been; b) deny God made the heavens mature; and c) deny the global flood – more prophecy being fulfilled before our eyes!

  • How do dinosaurs fit into a young earth perspective?

    Very well! Keep in mind that the word “dinosaur” wasn’t invented until 1841. Prior to that they were called serpents or dragons. Besides the Bible, there are thousands of dragon stories in the history books going back 1,000 to 2,000 years. Along with these historical accounts we have rock drawings and man-made carvings of various dinosaurs which, we are told, are 500 to 2,000 years old. Ancient man had to have seen them to know what they looked like (dinosaurs could not have been extinct for “millions of years” before man existed)! Dozens of non-fossilized dinosaur bones have been found with soft tissues, amino acids, hemoglobin, red blood cells and even DNA in them. Scientists have said such biological material could only last 10,000 years at the most! For more on dinosaurs see our message or Single DVD: Noah's Ark and Dinosaurs.

  • Why did dinosaurs become extinct?

    Most could not adapt to the ever-changing, post-flood world. The habitat, especially in the areas of climate and food supply, had been drastically altered. Competition with man likely contributed to the demise of others.

  • How do coal beds fit with a young earth view?

    Coal is usually found in layers which requires the practice of strip mining for its removal. Evolutionists claim coal formed in swamps during the Carboniferous period 250 million years ago. However, coal layers at various depths, with strata layers between, often have coal seams which connect the upper layer to the lower. Old-Earthers can’t explain this. Dr. Steven Austin postulated a theory which fits the evidence. During a global flood, large mats of vegetation floated on the surface, dropping plant debris which was quickly buried by water deposited sediments to form today's coal layers. The connecting coal seams formed at the point where the mat changed direction due to tides, winds, etc. In addition, Carbon 14 (which is measured in carbon dating) should decay away in less than 100,000 years. Yet coal, which is said to be 2,500 times this old, has never been found without C-14 in it. The evidence indicates most coal formed as the result of a recent worldwide flood.

  • What evidences support a young earth or universe view?

    The vast majority of ways to date things reflect a young creation. For example, helium escapes rocks quickly, geologically speaking. Yet rocks in the deepest strata layers still have lots of helium in them. Many planets are still hot despite losing heat faster than they receive heat. They can’t be old. The sun is shrinking. This causes a host of problems for old age believers. One is that earth’s orbit around the sun is held in place by the sun’s gravitational pull. If we were a fraction closer to, or further from, the sun, life could not exist on earth. As the sun shrinks, its gravity weakens so the solar system can’t be old. The earth’s magnetic field has weakened 6% over the past 150 years. Extrapolating backwards at this rate, the field strength would have equaled that of a magnetic star 12,000 years ago preventing life from existing on our planet. Oceans are 3.6% salt and the level of salinity is increasing. At the present rate, the water could have gone from fresh water to 3.6% salt in 50,000 years (if the seas began with no salt in them). There are about 1,200 minerals on earth. Amounts measured entering into the seas all point to an ocean too young for Darwinian requirements. Sediments on the sea floors accumulate via continental erosion. Studies of these sediments indicate a youthful ocean.

  • Where did the flood water come from and go to?

    According to the Bible (Genesis 7:11), most flood water came from under the surface of the earth and from “the windows of heaven” which rained down to add to the deluge. One theory holds that toward the end of the year long flood, earth's unstable plates, over the depleted fountains, collapsed to form today's ocean basins (Psalm 104:8) and the waters flowed into these basins (Genesis 8:2-3).

  • Who has the best evidences, old earth Darwinists or young earth creationists?

    Neither. Everyone has the exact same evidence to observe.

    A person's belief in the age of the earth comes down to which worldview, through which the earth's crust are interpreted, they accept.

    The Secular interpretation, taught as science for the past 50+ years, is the stratified layers of rock formed slowly over long ages of time. The biblical view is the global flood laid the layers down quickly, eroding old-earth beliefs (this is why old-earth believers deny the global flood as prophesied in 2 Peter 3:3-6). Same evidence; different worldview interpreting it.

  • Where are all the human fossils?

    God said I will destroy man (Genesis 6:7) and that’s what He did. Though God had filled the earth with animals, mammal fossils are rather rare, and pre-flood human fossils are rarer still.

    Add to this that secularists date rock layers by how long ago they believe the creatures found fossilized in the strata layers lived, a layer found with a human fossil in it is dated to match their belief on when man “evolved.” For example, in 1972 a human skull (#KNM-ER 1470) was found under a layer which had been aged at 230 million years old. To fit the Darwinian tale, the layer was re-dated at 1.8 millions years old.

    A good question to go with this one is to ask Darwinists, "Where are all the fossils detailing our evolutionary past?

  • How can so many scientists be wrong about the age of earth?

    Three primary factors are: a] ‘billions of years’ is all they’ve been taught since they were children; b] their careers would be in grave jeopardy should they denounce this religious belief; c] many are simply rejecting their Creator.

    With old-earth beliefs providing the foundation for Naturalism, Darwinism and Humanism, going against "billions of years" beliefs will bring swift wrath upon anyone standing on the observable evidence of a relatively young planet.

  • Does it really matter whether a person believes in a young creation or an old one?

    Whether the earth is young or old, whether God used creation or evolution, whether God created in six days or over billions of years, or whether death existed prior to man’s sin are not the most important questions. But how you answer these questions, will shape how you respond to two primary questions:

    1. Is the Bible the infallible, inspired Word of God?
    2. Is Genesis 1 - 3 (the foundation for the Lord Jesus Christ as God, Creator, Judge and redeeming Savior) true?

    Your answers to these two questions will determine whether you believe in the Jesus found in Scripture. It's little wonder Jesus warned (John 5:46-47) if you don’t believe Moses you'll have difficulty believing Jesus.

    When a person answers 'No' to one of these questions they either lose their faith or invent a form of Jesus not found in the Bible. (2 Timothy 3:5) says "mankind will have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof." Denying God can create by divine intervention as opposed to natural processes is denying His power. This is what Theistic Evolutionists, Gap Theorists, Progressive Creationists, Day-Age Theorists and Framework Hypothesizers do yet you will not find any of these Christs in the Bible - look for yourself! The Bible warns, “from such turn away”.

    Jesus told us to tell good from evil by the fruit and old age beliefs have led billions of people to reject Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Talk about evil fruit! No wonder 1 Timothy 1:4 warns "not to give heed to fables and endless genealogies."

  • Creation and the Bible
  • Is the issue of creation relevant today?

    As to the relevance of creation, God’s Word starts with creation, as does the apostle Paul when speaking to people without a creation-based foundation.

    The foundation for the Gospel message of the world’s redeeming Savior, Lord Jesus the Christ, is that God’s perfect CREATION was corrupted by Adam's ORIGINAL SIN thatSEPARATED us from God requiring our REDEMPTION via the Cross- T) with our Creator. This is found in Genesis 1 & 3 with the first promise of the coming Redeemer found in Genesis 3:15.

    This is why Secularists focus their efforts to undermine people’s faith in God by attacking biblical creation. The Editor of American Atheist wrote: “If there never was an original sin there is no need of salvation and that puts Jesus into the ranks of the unemployed.” This is because death before Adam undermines that his Original Sin separated us from God, leading to our need of redemption.

    Due to ‘millions of years leading to Darwinism’ being taught in the place of real science most Christian raised kids are leaving the Church by the age of 20…and that figure is climbing.

    If the foundations be destroyed what can the righteous do?

    I suggest the creation issue is a most relevant issue and suggest we trust God’s version of His creation, found in His Ten Commandments: Exodus 20:11 – For in six Days the Lord made the heaven, earth and seas and all that is in them.

    See Single DVD: If the Foundations Be Destroyed or Downloadable Video: Evil Fruits of Old Earth Beliefs

  • Why do Biblical Creationists fight science?

    Observation-based science is a Believer's true friend so a knowledgeable Biblical Creationist employs science to battle Darwinian biased interpretations of the world.

    Operational, empirical science, is knowledge thathas been derived from the observation, study and testing of evidence. Most branches of modern science were begun by scientists who believed in Biblical Creation and wanted to study God's creation. Real science is a Christian’s friend as observable facts support creation and the global flood while destroying 'millions of years' and 'Darwinism' which are the foundations of Humanism. Biblical Creationists are fighting to get the false science of "millions of years leading to Darwinism" exposed as the faulty belief it is and return science” to the study of observable evidence.

    For examples of false science see our Downloadable Video: Science vs Darwinism in the Textbooks.

  • How do we know that God didn't create things and then help them evolve?

    God does allow a form of evolution to occur - micro adaptation. He tells us He created plants and animals, by His spoken Word, to bring forth after their kind. In other words God made His created kinds with the ability to adapt which is why one dog can survive in Alaska at minus 40 degrees while another can live in Phoenix at 120 degrees: they’ve adapted to their environment through the sorting or loss of their ancestors genetic data. Millions of examples of biblically and scientifically correct micro-adaptations (micro-evolution) could be shown.

    Micro change is the opposite of Darwinian macro-evolution which requires that massive amounts of new and beneficial genetic data be added to an existing gene pool to lead one kind to change into another kind. Observation-based science does not support macro evolution which would place death prior to Adam. Thus we know God did not employ Darwinian-style evolution to 'create' plants and animals.

    See Downloadable Video: 50 Facts vs Darwinism in the Textbooks

  • If God created everything, doesn’t the evil we see in this world prove that God is evil?

    No. The biblical answer to this important question is found in Genesis chapters one and three. This is where we learn God created a perfect universe, reflecting His infinitely good and perfect nature. It was Adam's original sin which allowed evil to enter His perfect creation. The results reflect the infinitely evil nature of sin. When we leave God out of our lives by choosing to sin, we open the door for evil to fill the void. Perhaps a fair definition of evil is an absence of God in a given situation. But God even turns evil to good for those who love and trust Him. Both moral evil (abortion, sexual immorality, stealing, etc.), which results from our choice to sin, and natural evil (aging, sickness, death, etc.) are allowed by God in His supreme wisdom and mercy to call us back to Him. C.S. Lewis wrote, “Pain is God’s megaphone to a deaf world.”The sharp contrast between good and evil deepens the revelation of our loving and merciful God in His creation. A wise person will glorify Him because of this.

  • What all-mighty creator would make the cell so complicated? Ever hear of a car designer who makes parts complicated on purpose? Your creator is not an intelligent designer!

    You’ve made a good observation but an erroneous conclusion. Normally, we would expect an intelligent designer would make their design as simple as possible, however, the Creator of all things made the cell extremely complex. Allow me to speculate as to why.

    In the 2nd Psalm we’re told that, while imagining a vain thing, (such as “We’re the most evolved!”) non-Believers would rage against God and His followers. Meanwhile, God will be in heaven laughing at the heathen, mocking them.

    Darwinists predicted the cell to be simple, not complex; something that could have formed on its own. However, real science finds it to be extremely complex with DNA, RNA, molecular machines, chemical and electrical reactions, and much more.

    As promised, God has Darwinists in derision as He mocks them from heaven. Meanwhile, the complexity is exactly what a Believer should expect from their Intelligent Biblical Designer and, as always, real science is a Believers true friend.

  • Where did Cain's wife come from?

    According to Genesis 3:20 Eve is the mother of all people and Cain was her first child identified in God's Word (Gen.4:1). Genesis 5:4 tells us that Adam and Eve lived for 800 years after the birth of Seth, when they were 130 years old, and they bore other children. Cain's wife would have been from these descendants. She was possibly a sister or niece. Keep in mind that "in the beginning" close relatives were a person's only option. With the recently created gene pool, mutational defects which cause the severe results we see in offspring of close relatives today, had not yet accumulated in their DNA. God forbid marriage to close relatives about 2,500 years later (Lev. 18-20) likely due to the mutational losses in the gene pool.

  • When did Satan fall?

    At the end of the six day creation, God called His creation "very good." Satan was still the angel Lucifer at this time. Ezekiel 28:13-15 tells us Lucifer walked in the garden, created on day six, till iniquity was found in him. Since Lucifer was in the Garden in Genesis 3, when he got Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, we can conclude this was when iniquity was found in him. This was between day seven and one hundred years later. We can surmise this due to Adam being booted from the garden prior to the birth of Cain who grew up and killed Abel before the birth of Seth when Adam was 130 years old.

    Once iniquity was found in Lucifer and he was ejected from the garden. Satan said, ‘I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High’ (Isaiah 14:12-14). This is when the heavenly war occurred and Satan, with a third of the angels, those who had sided with him in his war against God, were banished to the earth.

    Please note this destroys the man-made Gap Theory.

  • How did Noah collect all those animals?

    Noah didn’t have to collect any animals. God had the animals come to him. (God probably wanted Noah and his family to keep working on the ark.) Genesis 6:20.

  • How did Noah fit millions of animals into the Ark?

    There weren't millions of animals, only a few thousand. Genesis 7:22 indicates Noah only had to bring land dwelling animals that breathed through nostrils, and some birds. This eliminates water dwelling mammals, fish, amphibians, insects, etc. He only brought a pair of each kind of animal (seven of the clean ones). For example, a pair of dogs would have sufficed to repopulate all 350 or so types of dogs found today as they brought forth after their kind after getting off the ark. (Genesis 7:14-15). Some researchers estimate there were about 7,000 creatures aboard the ark, with the average size being equal to the size of a house cat.

  • Did it rain before the flood?

    Based on God's Word. my understanding is that the pre-flood world had a great underground watering system (Genesis 2:6) and rain was not needed until after the flood (Genesis 2:5). Still, the Bible doesn’t specifically say.

  • Aren’t there contradictions in the Bible, like the different accounts of creation found in Genesis 1 and 2?

    There are no contradictions in the Bible, just areas where fallible man has misinterpreted what has been given to us in God’s Word. For example, take Genesis’ creation accounts. In Genesis 1 we're told trees, birds and animals are made prior to Adam and that the birds were created from water. Then, in Genesis 2, we're told trees, animals and birds (from dirt) were made after Adam. Any apparent contradiction disappears once we understand that the Genesis 2 account is likely discussing the creation of things in the Garden of Eden so Adam could name them and select a “help meet”.

  • If you had to pick one piece of information to defend Creation, besides the Bible, what would it be?

    It would be a difficult choice. For example, every scientific experiment ever performed pertaining to reproduction show that a kind of plant or animal will only bring forth offspring after its own kind – just as we are told ten times in the book of Genesis.

    However, I might opt to use the earth’s strata layers which are primarily sedimentary layers which were laid down by water, with some volcanic layers mixed in. And each layer contains Carbon 14 which decays away in a few thousand years – great proof of a global flood sometime in the past few thousand years (destroying old-earth beliefs).

    Or, I might choose to go with logic which holds that the Cause of the universe had to have existed outside of the universe’s space, matter and time…only fitting the biblical God.

    It would be difficult to limit myself to just one choice.

  • What do you think about the separation of church and state?

    With the religious philosophy of "millions of years leading to Darwinian evolutionism" dominating our school systems, I don’t see the separation, unless this only refers to Christianity.

    More importantly, nowhere in the U.S. Constitution is the phrase mentioned. It came from a letter written by Thomas Jefferson to a pastor. The First Amendment begins "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” The wording prohibits the establishment of a Federal Government religion and leaves religious activities to the discretion of the people of each state to decide upon. This was meant to protect religious activities, NOT to undermine The USA's Christian based freedoms (we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights).

    James Madison is considered author of the First Amendment’s Religion Clause. As America's fourth president, he attended church services held in the U.S. Capitol building and promoted hiring pastors for both the House and the Senate. Thomas Jefferson, America's third president, attended church services in the Capitol building and in the Supreme Court building. He wrote the educational plan for D.C. schools and used the King James Bible as the primary reading book.

  • Is it against the law to teach Creation in Public School?

    NO! The Supreme Court banned the use of the Bible to lead kids to Jesus. They did not throw the Bible out of school. The court has ruled repeatedly, “Teachers already possess the flexibility to present a variety of theories about the origin of humankind..and are free to present any and all facets of this sub­ject”. (Edwards vs. Aguiiliard 482 U.S. 96 pages 8-9, 1987)

  • What is the Gaia hypothesis?

    Named after the Greek goddess of earth, this belief holds earth is a living organism. New Agers and radical environmentalists love their “Mother Earth”.

  • What can be done about the teaching of Darwinism in public schools?

    Let’s look at this from three angles: Taxpayer, student; and group.

    1. As a taxpayer you have the right to influence the schools your money pays for. Pray for teachers, administrators, schools, publishers, etc. Get as many people as you can to watch (and learn) Creation Science DVDs (churches, youth groups, school boards, bible studies, women’s or men’s groups, home school groups, boy or girl scouts, 4H groups, PTO, anyone).
    2. Attend school board meetings. You could: provide Creation Science material to School Board members; run for the school board or serve on their textbook selection committee; let the publishers of the textbooks know what you think of their product. Most states have laws which require textbooks to be accurate. See that this is adhered to and ask that either the false “proofs” for Darwinism be removed or that a warning sticker be placed on the front cover of books that contain refuted Secular teachings.
    3. You could: inform teachers of their right to teach Creation; give teachers Creation Science materials and ask them to provide equal time for the teaching of these resources, or that they have students write papers about why Darwinism is a religious philosophy as opposed to science. You could let newspaper and magazine editors, TV sponsors, radio sponsors, teachers and principals, etc., know your thoughts about this subject.
    4. Students can get people (friends, youth groups, boy/girl scouts, 4H clubs, anyone). to watch a Creation Science DVDs. You can begin a group. Groups start with one person.
    5. Always keep in mind that 30-35% of teachers already believe in a young earth Creation even though 'millions of years leading to Darwinism' has been officially taught since 1963. So, set a good example of a person who believes they have a Creator to answer to. Pray for your teachers, school administrators and schools. Do not confront your teacher in front of others. Instead, talk with your teacher in private. Offer them Creation Science materials to review. Then ask them to provide equal time for teaching Creation in class. Most are not aware that they can legally teach Creation in their classroom.
    6. Groups could ask school boards and administrators that: Darwinian evolutionism be branded as a religious philosophy; religion be removed from public schools; science be restricted to observable and testable data; micro adaptation and macro evolution be clearly defined; evidence which refutes Darwinism be presented to students; evidence that refutes old earth dating methods be presented to students; evidence which supports a young universe be presented to students; evidence which supports Creation be presented to students; teachers who present these facts will not be punished. Use your imagination!
  • Answering a Scoffer or Skeptic: We often hear from such people. Some have hardened hearts, others, although deceived, may listen to the Truth. I try to briefly respond to them. Here is an example:

    Email number 1 of 2 from “Jim”: I can't believe some of the claims you make in the videos on your website. I doubt that you're even human because a chimpanzee could make better conclusions. You BLATANTLY SPEW GARBAGE FROM YOUR MOUTH and I can't help but be horribly enraged by the things you say. The Bible does NOT need to be taken literally. Its not right for you to tell people you’re horribly uneducated opinion. It would be kind of me to lay out all of your mistakes but I don’t have a lifetime to spend correcting your mistakes. I was watching your video just to see what kind of ridiculous things you said. You are COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY WRONG. WOW!

    My response, number 1 of 2: Speaking of "horribly uneducated opinions", thanks for your email. I do not normally respond to a person who fails to identify him or herself, but your email was so full of hate that I decided to point out that you point out ZERO mistakes or non-truths. I say you have none. I've spoken in college debates and on college campuses many times. If you know of a mistake, please advise. Russ

    Second Emails (blended together):

    Jim- My names Jim. I’m a Physics Major. I don’t feel there was any hate in my email.

    R- We'll let the first email go.

    J- Honestly, I can’t point out specific errors with any contradictory proof

    R- I knew that, just wanted you to see it.

    J- I can say I think to say every animal evolved from what noah had on the ark is ridiculous.

    R- It is much more viable to think animals adapted from other animals on the ark than to claim they evolved from non-living chemicals as Darwinism teaches.

    J- I can ask you why dinosaurs aren’t here today.

    R- Most couldn't survive the post-flood loss of climate and habitat. The word dinosaur was invented in 1841, prior to that they were called dragons. Recent finds of their bones containing soft , amino acids, DNA and blood cells attest to the fact they haven't been gone long.

    J- I can ask where all the water came from that covered the earth.

    R- From the fountains of the deep which erupted.

    J- You seem to think that the entire earth flooded.

    R- Geologic compression events, polystrata fossils, (see C-14 evidence below) and much more attest to this fact.

    J- There's not enough water to flood the entire earth.

    R- 71% of the earth's surface is covered by water. If the surface of the earth were flat the water would be almost 2 miles deep. Plenty of water.

    J- Darwin OBSERVED natural selection and adaption,(a completely fair concept)

    R- And Biblically sound as kinds bring forth after their kind.

    J- and THEORIZED natural selection as a method of macro evolution.

    R-This is where he went wrong. A key issue is where did the genetic information come from to cause any changes? Macro has never been observed (one kind changing into a different kind) as Gene Depletion, the Law of Entropy, etc., show macro is impossible. Natural selection can only act on pre-existing traits. And no, not by mutations, as falsely taught today (Neo-Darwinism). Mutations are caused by the loss of data, never by the creation of new and beneficial data.

    J- If the world was 6000-8000 years old, I would disagree with darwin. If it was a billion years old, I would say his theory is likely.

    R-Thus the importance of the global flood which destroys all old earth beliefs.

    J- How do you account for scientific aging methods like carbon dating.

    R-Measurable C-14 should be gone in less than 100,000 years (most scientists agree). Yet all the fossil bearing layers, down to the supposed 600 million year old Cambrian have C-14 in them, and in the same range of amounts! This proves the layers formed recently and in the same event. Only a global flood can explain this, destroying all old earth beliefs.

    J- Thank you for reading this.

    R- Jim, thanks for your interest. These are excellent questions. Millions of people, including many in churches, have the same questions and this is the reason for CESM. Our seminars answer each of these questions in more detail Hang in there and seek the Truth. I will pray that God will show it to you. God bless, Russ

    NOTE: Try not to let them get you mad. I find that sticking to scientific facts with non-believers, while focusing on God's Word with Biblio-skeptics within the Church, is the best course of action. So keep your composure, the Truth is on your side!