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1) Noah’s Ark and Dinosaurs

As God provided Noah with a narrow plankway that led to salvation, He has provided us with a narrow pathway to salvation through Jesus Christ. Jesus refers to Noah’s Ark as a fact while dinosaurs have been used to undermine the faith of billions of people. Russ captures dinosaurs for God’s glory to support that God’s Word is true, word for word & cover to cover! Eye-opening, inspiring and very popular!

2) Endowed By Our Creator

Russ shows why Biblical creation is foundational to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to the freedoms that U.S. citizens enjoy. Though founded by predominantly Christian men and women on predominantly Christian principles, Russ reveals changes in the USA since Prayer & Creation were replaced with Darwinism in 1963.  An important, powerful & popular message!

3) Top 10 Darwinian Frauds in Textbooks

This message has been used to save the faith of uncountable numbers of people and caused a Secular college to launch a course attacking Russ & Biblical creation. Russ stands up for real science & education, which have been undermined by false teachings, He takes the examples from textbooks to expose the frauds which have undermined the faith of billions of people. No one with an open mind will believe in Darwinism after seeing this! Life, and worldview, changing!

4) Top 10 Old-Earth Beliefs

Yes, we know the majority of Christian institutions teach these beliefs that put death before Adam sinned, but this truly reveals the need for this message! Old Earth beliefs are based on the belief earth’s crust formed over long ages rather than during the Global Flood (as foretold in 2 Peter 3:3-6) & provide the foundation for Darwinism, Humanism & Atheism. Russ reveals how a Global Flood erodes Old Earth beliefs & shows how the ice age, continental drift, fossils, coal layers, Grand Canyon and more fit perfectly in a world that has endured God’s Global Flood judgement. Faith-building!

5) A Pinch of Leaven

Russ combines parts from Top Darwinian Frauds & Top Old-Earth Beliefs to refute both anti-Biblical teachings (which place death before Adam) in this fast-paced teaching. An excellent message to quickly cover Darwinism & Death-before-Adam beliefs, while supporting that the Bible is true, Word for Word and cover to cover!

6) Answers to Common & Skeptical Questions

How do we know the Bible is the Word of God? How does a loving God allow a world full of death? Isn’t the Bible full of errors? Is the Bible opposed to science? Russ provides Biblical answers to some of the top questions posed by both seekers & skeptics. Educational, eye-opening and faith-building!

7) From Creation to Wokeism

The Lord Jesus told us to tell good from bad by the fruit and this message reveals old-earth beliefs provide the foundation for many of the world’s ills including Darwinism to communism to abortion to wokeness. Russ clarifies the hopelessness of the Secular worldview and reveals the hope of the Biblical view in this powerful message.

8) Re-Creation During The Tribulation

While the wrath of God will be revealed during the 7-year Tribulation, so will God’s grace and mercy as so many people will come to saving faith that mankind won’t be able to count them! In this thought-provoking presentation, Russ speculates on how God might use Seal, Trumpet & Bowl judgments to restore His creation to its pre-flood condition, as it was in the days of Noah.  An interesting, educational and biblically sound look at the Tribulation period. It will get folks thinking about their future!

9) Real Science: A Believer’s True Friend

Most people today have no idea that more than 80% of the branches of modern science were started by Christians to study God’s creation! While undermined by secular beliefs today, real science is still a Believer’s true friend. This message has enough overlap with Answers to Common & Skeptical Questions that we suggest choosing between of these two enlightening, faith-building messages.

10) Facts Compared To God’s Word

In this light-hearted, fun and faith-inspiring message, Russ takes Biblical teachings and compares them to historical and scientific facts to reveal that God’s Word is trustworthy for guiding our lives . Russ rates this as ‘warm & fuzzy.’

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