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Who We Are

Statement of Faith

The Biblical God created “the heavens, earth, seas and all that in them is” during a “literal six-day time span” a few thousand years ago.

The original Creation was “very good” until Adam’s ORIGINAL SIN let death enter the world. This ORIGINAL SIN separated mankind from God and required a blood sacrifice (eventually Jesus) so man could be redeemed with God.

Due to man’s sinfulness, God destroyed His Creation via a global flood about 4,400 years ago, sparing Noah and his immediate family. Then, due to mankind’s continuing sin, God sent His only begotten Son to suffer and die on a cross – the perfect, sinless, blood sacrifice to cover the sinfulness of all mankind.

Anyone who believes in the Biblical Jesus’ death, burial, resurrection and ascension to heaven and calls on Him as their Lord and Savior will be forgiven their sins and will spend eternity with Jesus Christ in heaven. Salvation can not be earned but is provided by the grace of God.

Jesus will return to reclaim His creation at the time of His final judgment, sparing only those who have called on Him as their Lord.

The Bible, both Old and New Testaments as originally given, are the inspired, divine Word of God and are free from error in all matters, including moral, ethical, theological, scientific and historical. God is eternal, omnipotent and triune in character as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Satan is a deceiver and accuser who will spend eternity in hell where there will be “wailing and gnashing of teeth” for Satan and all those who choose to reject redemption through Jesus.


Bible-Based Tours For Christian Groups

We provide a different view of the region while revealing the relevance and authority of God’s Word. See our 2-minute Tour Video!

R at Canyon* Every group that hosted a Rim & Raft Trip or a Grand Staircase tour with us in 2015 scheduled another tour EVERY SUMMER since.  This says a lot about our trips! Join one of these trips or set up your own to see why! 2020 tours are all SOLD OUT!

Go with us on one of our 2021  journeys where seats are available! Coming in 2021: May 27-30-Rim & Raft Trip; June 3-6-Rim & Raft Trip; June 10-13-Rim & Raft Trip; June 17-20-Rim & Raft Trip; June 20-28-Grand Staircase Tour; August 19-22-Rim & Raft Trip; Oct 7-13-Grand Staircase Tour; 2021 trips will be listed on our site after August 1, 2020.

Email: Joanna@CreationMinistries.Org for more information.

Our MOST FAVORITE, AMAZING & LEARNING FAMILY TRIP EVER. We learned so much from Russ and Joanna that we are recommending this tour for all brothers and sisters in Christ who want to learn how to defend our Christian faith against the onslaught & indoctrination of ‘millions of years leading to Darwinian evolution.” Larry & Marilyn in KS

Your command of the scriptures and the science behind the flood helped change my view on the the fall of man and its impact on the world. The understanding you provide on your awesome tour is life changing! Pastor (former Gap Theorist)

desrtviewThe tour was awesome & inspiring! I shared some of the info I learned with a man I sat by on the flight home. He was inspired by it too! Carol in CA

Grand Canyon: One-Day Rim Group Tour

We take your group by luxury bus from Phoenix or Flagstaff & along the edge of Painted Desert. This South Rim Tour includes 4 of Russ’ popular teachings while in route (destroying Darwinism while capturing Grand Canyon & Dinosaurs for God’s glory); 6-hours in the Park; 4 on-the-rim talks; optional 1 & 3 mile hikes along the rim; plus a Grand Canyon IMAX option.

Touch Creation and Judgment rock!

Grand Canyon: Two-Day Group Rim & Raft Tour

Add a river raft trip through a major step of the Grand Staircase where 800 foot tall sandstone walls tower over head. Big Horn sheep, chuckwalla, osprey & hieroglyphs are often seen. The float ends at historic Lee’s Ferry, 17-miles down river. This is “user friendly” for ages 4 and up!

3 Rafts wide Grd can

Grand Staircase Group Tour: 3 to 6 Day Journeys

Few are aware sediments a mile+ deep are missing from above the rim of Grand Canyon (only a global flood can explain such erosion). The layers are picked up in “The Grand Staircase” which includes Bryce and Zion National Parks with remnants found near Grand Canyon.

Bryce is at the top of the Staircase where the massive erosion event ended, leaving spires and arches in the multi-colored limestones. Zion consists of towering sandstone cliffs, such as Angel’s Landing, and deep slot canyons, adorned in cream, pink and red hues.


Add a one-day raft trip through Glen Canyon and our “Grand Staircase Tour” is a life-changing Christian based journey.

To set up a Christian tour for your church or group see Group Canyon Tours or email at or

My wife and I went on your bus trip to Grand Canyon. It was wonderful, entertaining and educational. We had a great time and saw real science confirms the Word of God. Russ and Joanna were great and made everyone feel special. Grade A+! Tom in AZ

R and JRuss and Joanna Miller

Wow! Your Rim Tour was awesome! Our group leader spent 15-minutes telling the adult class about our ‘Grand’ trip! Praise God! Judy