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CESM address

CESM’s mailing address is:

3774 S. Trading Post Trail, Flagstaff, AZ  86005

Phone: 928-202-3435.  Cell: 928-774-8074.

Because of extensive travel, the best way to reach CESM is email.

Please email us at or


Thank you for your support!



We have all of our teachings, filmed live, on both our DVD’s and online videos. On Vimeo you can watch 95 of our videos gxpmzVQhziNXupRBgjpoBDhUqDpj2KJbBXwZQU1KBsM,BRnvOPtbcyRmRRcRfec4RMfyZT-LjQRZuFEwO765rnE in 3 categories:

1] Age-of-the-Earth issues contains 39 videos including “An Old Earth or A Global Flood” and “Grand Canyon & The Grand Staircase” plus Russ’ on-the-rim talks Russ teaching at Bryce 2jpg                                                            at Grand Canyon and more!

2] Creation & Evolution issues has 23 videos including “Science vs Darwinism in the Textbooks” and “If The Foundations Be Destroyed.”

3] Q&A with Russ has 36 short videos of Russ providing answers for many of our most   frequently asked questions. T Reynolds COST L3Si2cMLGNyvmZe_LBB7oJS3CFCwuAhHr4z55Y3JQPk

See CESM Videos on Vimeo

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