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June 18-21, 2020 Grand Canyon Rim & Raft Trip w/Compass International & Russ Miller

SOLD OUT! Join Compass International & Russ Miller of Creation Science Ministries on this fantastic 4 day/3 night Christian Rim & Raft journey June 17-20, 2021 that reveals Grand Canyon for the glory of God. 2021 trips will be on our site by August 1, 2020,

Grd_Can_13_GrpTrip Highlights: Russ, began the tours in 2004 and has taken thousands of people on these life-changing trips that blow the secular misinterpretations of the region out of the park. Get your tickets at Creation and the Canyon

  • Grand Canyon.  See original creation rock, flood layers & proof that sediments a mile+ deep once existed above the Canyon’s rim!
  • Guided walks that accommodate your abilities.
  • Horseshoe_Bend_1_md
  • User friendly 17-mile raft trip on the Colorado River around famous Horseshoe Bend where 800 foot tall canyon walls tower above. Petroglyphs, Bighorn sheep, chuckwalla, osprey, wild horses and eagles are often seen.Near Horseshoe Bend within the Grand Staircase
  • Luxury bus travel, raft trip, quality hotel accommodations and meals are arranged. You simply join the tour and enjoy the experience.
  • The tour begins and ends in Phoenix, AZ (flights not included).

A great four-day weekend/mini vacation with an investment in eternity! See our 2-minute Tour Video.

Russ & Joanna, your friendliness, loving-kindness, fun-filled, eye-opening & all-time great Biblical tour was awesome!! You have it down to a fine-tuned art-form!! Ken in CA

R and JPoison Rock 2

Get answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Registration/Payment; Physical requirements, Bus, Raft trip, Hotel, Food & more at FAQ for Grand Canyon Trips

See the itinerary or purchase tickets at:

HURRY, this trip has sold out the past 6 years!