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Preserve Freedom: Where The Spirit of The Lord Is There Is Liberty

Freedom-loving people around the world often find their hope in the freedoms enjoyed by citizens of the USA.

In a sermon in Charleston, MA on April 25, 1799, Founding Father Dr. Jedidiah Morse, a former divinity student at Yale, stated: “Whenever the pillars of Christianity shall be over thrown, our present republican forms of government…must fall with them.”

Dr. Morse, knew the freedoms American’s enjoy were endowed to them by their Biblical Creator. Thus, he understood if we the people’s faith in the foundations of Christianity were to be undermined, so would be their freedoms and the Republic’s form of government.

It is essential for Americans to be aware that God created all men equal and gifted them their rights which man-made entities cannot legitimately take from them. Freedom’s foes realize that to destroy the USA they must wipe out the citizens’ faith in their Creator, for if there was not a Creator, there are no Creator-given rights.

See the video of “If The Foundations Be Destroyed” to gain an understanding of America’s Christian heritage and how that is being undermined.


The COST by Russ Miller

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Be prepared to be surprised and strengthened in your faith. The COST is much more than Creation versus Evolution information, it is life changing!

2 COSTs transThe COST: God’s perfect Creation was corrupted by man’s Original sin which Separated us from our loving Creator (while allowing death to enter the world), requiring Jesus’ sacrifice on the T (Cross) to redeem us with God.

These foundations have been under relentless assault by the advocates of Humanism, Naturalism and Darwinism whose foundation is billions of years of death brought mankind into existence.

Real science is a Believer’s true friend and The COST covers the Top 10 Old-Earth beliefs, Darwinian Beliefs, and Evil Fruit of Old Earth beliefs at a popular level that will make a life-changing impact on those who read it. This is a great gift for anyone, including Pastors, who want an easy to understand explanation of these issues.

“I was a Gap Theorist until I read this book. Now I am a biblical creationist.” Pastor Grady Scott, AZ

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Develop Biblical Understanding: Building Upon The Rock

A Church Family with Russ at Grand Canyon

The rock Believers are to build on is the non-compromised Word of God.

Our Christian life, home, family, fellowship, evangelism and salvation depend upon a clear understanding of who Jesus is. As emphasized in the Book of John: In the beginning was the Word, all things were made by the Word, and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. Thus the Word, our Creator, is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The Lord Jesus and every New Testament author refer to Genesis as being historically factual. In fact, every major Christian doctrine is based in the book of Genesis which starts by stating: In the beginning God created.

There is peace and joy in understanding and believing God’s straightforward, rational, historically backed and scientifically supported accounts of His Creation, Man’s Fall, The Global Flood and God’s plan for our redemption with Him.

To see undeniable proof in support of God and His Word, Word for Word and cover to cover, Schedule for Russ to share with your church family; read Russ’ book (The COST), watch our DVD’s; or join one our Grand Canyon or Grand Staircase tours.

Your relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, will grow closer as your faith grows in His non-compromised Word.