A Game Changing Call-to-Action for Christians

Keeping a Biblical worldview in Christian homes is more important than ever, yet full time Christian education is not feasible for many families. So Northwest Christian School (NCS), rated the top private school in AZ for the past 9 years, has developed a game-changing, online school that puts Biblical creation back in Public schools for the first time in 60 years!

Their new program lets Public school students take fully accredited, online Biblical Worldview courses that transfer to public high schools as elective credits! And their Creation Science and Biblical Worldview course begins this August with the Fall semester! Further, Private, Christian, and Home School students can take these courses to learn faith-building facts and earn transcript credit from NCS.

In this course, creationist, author, speaker, and Grand Canyon guide Russ Miller takes the key evidence used to promote billions of years leading to Darwinism and interprets the facts through a biblically-based scientific view to reveal God’s Word can be fully trusted. This course covers the top Old-Earth and Darwinian beliefs, the top evil fruit of these beliefs, and builds a solid Bible-based foundation upon which students, whether heading to college or into the workforce, can confidently stand and defend their faith.

  * Course Availability: Begins in August, 2022. 

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 ** Call-to-Action: You see the harm being done to Christian-raised students due to secular teachings. Please share this information ASAP with your Christian friends, family, and church leaders!