What’s human chromosome 2 got to do with it?

Darwinists proclaim that human chromosome 2 is proof that we evolved from a primate ancestor. But what do the scientific facts have to say?

There are indeed several physical similarities between ape and man. For example, we each have two arms, two legs, a torso and one head. However, we are very different in many important areas, such as in our mental abilities.  We also only have 46 chromosomes while apes have 48.

It is a scientific fact that chromosomes can fuse together to form one big chromosome, so to explain away the difference in our chromosome counts, Darwinists take a leap of faith. They believe two chromosomes fused together in an unknown primate ancestor to form human chromosome 2. Then they claim this faith-based belief as their great proof for Darwinism. Hmmm.

Let’s get back to the actual science as important facts contradict this biased assumption.  Multiple studies have revealed that sheep which have multiple chromosome fusions are indistinguishable from sheep which do not have the fused chromosomes. What this means is that such fusions do not create new and beneficial genetic information that causes one kind of critter, like an ape, to evolve into another kind, like a human.

Science shows that human chromosome 2 contains complex genetic information that is not found in apes, including many protein coding genes. Likewise, scientists have never shown how such complex genetic information could come about by natural processes.

It is the genetic data that is the big difference between ape and man – not the number of chromosomes holding the data. Afterall, tobacco plants, like apes, also have 48 chromosomes yet no one is claiming that they are close relatives!

In other words, even if human chromosome 2 was the result of a fusion event it would be best explained as the fusion of two human chromosomes, not from a fusion that occurred, once upon a time, in some non-observed primate ancestor.

So what does human chromosome 2 have to do with Darwinism? Absolutely nothing! The bottom line is that people must be careful to distinguish real science from biased Darwinian conjecture because claiming that Human Chromosome 2 is proof of goo-to-the-zoo-to-you evolutionism is nothing more than Humanistic propaganda.


What’s nylon eating bacteria got to do with it?

Back in the 1970’s bacteria were found that could digest nylon. Humanists incorrectly assumed that the bacteria were evolving due to a mutation that had added new and beneficial genetic information to the bacterium’s DNA.  However, by the early 1990’s scientific research had revealed that several types of bacteria have the ability to digest nylon due to a mutation that had caused a loss of function in a protein-degrading enzyme. This loss of genetic information resulted in the enzyme feeding on nylon and this loss was passed from one bacterium to another via plasmid tranfers.

So what is a plasmid transfer? Well, real science has shown that bacteria can transfer small amounts of DNA (known as plasmid transfers) to other bacterium. (Note: this is information transfer, not information creation, as the data must already exist for it to be transferred. Thus genetic transfers have nothing to do with Darwinian evolution). Nylon eating bacteria began as bacteria and ended as bacteria.

So what do nylon eating bacteria have to do with Darwinism? Absolutely nothing!

The bottom line is that people must be careful to distinguish real science from biased Darwinian conjecture because claiming that nylon eating bacteria prove goo-to-the-zoo-to-you evolutionism is nothing more than Humanistic propaganda.




The Darwinian tale that pseudogenes are left overs from the course of primate to man evolution collapses in the face of the discovery that guinea pig and human GULOP have 36% identical disablement.

This logically refutes the entire Darwinian “shared mistakes” argument.  (Unless you think you evolved from a guinea pig).

Today, what for the past fifty years was supposedly “junk” DNA, is quickly being found to hold the keys to the entire RNA/DNA system. Once again those beginning their research holding Darwinian presuppositions have been proven wrong.

Meanwhile the extreme complexity being discovered with regard to the information processing system inside of a cell screams out “Intelligent Biblical Designer.”