Eugenics: Eliminating Human Weeds

Matthew 7:17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. 20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

According to the Lord Jesus, we are to discern good from bad by the fruit produced. While I often expose the evil fruit of Darwinism, which is a fruit of old-earth beliefs, in this writing I want to discuss two of the tainted fruits growing from the corrupt combination of millions of years leading to Darwinism: abortion and eugenics.

Sir Francis Galton is known as the Father of Eugenics. The word comes from a combination of Greek words which mean well-born and is defined as the study to improve the physical and mental characteristics of the human race.

So who would argue with that?!

Well, hold on for a moment because, though eugenics may sound delightful on the surface, history reveals its fruit includes the pre-mature death of millions of people in order to eliminate the unworthy. Abortion is one of the primary tools for eugenicists and, so you are aware, Sir Francis Galton was Charles Darwin’s cousin.

Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood in 1916 to eliminate what she called “human weeds” such as the disabled and “inferior races like Jews and Blacks.” Today, Planned Parenthood rakes in millions of dollars via the abortion industry and, though blacks make up just 14% of the U.S. population, they total 36% of U.S. abortions. Sanger also stated, “I look forward to seeing humanity free…of the tyranny of Christianity.”

Why Christianity? Because the Biblical Worldview holds that human life, from conception, is made in the image of God. Such a view often gets in the way of those who desire to “improve the human race.”

The Nazis put eugenics into practice and two of their specific targets for elimination were Jews and the disabled. The Scientific Origins of National Socialism, written in 1971, stated: “Social Darwinism reached its peak in Nazi Germany under Hitler…the supreme evolutionist and Nazism the ultimate fruit of the evolutionary tree.” However, the article was written before we legalized abortion in America.

Following World War II eugenics became a dirty word, The Annals of Eugenics changed its name to the Annals of Human Genetics while Eugenics Quarterly became the Journal of Social Biology. Sadly, many people today believe certain humans are less worthy of life and eugenics is back in vogue in laboratories and on college campuses around the world. Often cloaked in terms of medical breakthroughs that promise to improve the human race, eugenics has been put into practice once again.

For instance, BreakPoint reported that an ABC News article was touting a prenatal test which detects Downs Syndrome, claiming the procedure would reduce the death of healthy babies. However, as Chuck Colson pointed out, since most women abort babies who have known disabilities, the test will actually increase the number of deaths by abortion.

To employ prenatal testing and abortion to eliminate babies who are deemed by the Secular worldview as human weeds who are less worthy of life is simply eugenics in action. The Biblical Worldview holds that every human life is precious and made in the image of God. This view protects each of us from being deemed to be a human weed.


Have Russ Share & Learn Why Origins Matter

The seeker wonders, “How can there be a loving Creator when we live in a world full of death and suffering?” The scoffer sneers, “The zjeCnaVwXE2bX5xq70zefqBg0AGkDH_DmLrt2seo-8cdeath all around us proves there is no loving God!” The biblical answers, as well as the foundation for the Gospel message, are provided in the early chapters of the book of Genesis.

In Genesis 1:31 we learn that our righteous Creator deemed His finished creation to be very good. Since death is an enemy to God’s creation (1 Cor 15:26) we know death was not a part of God’s very good creation. So why is the world filled with death, evil and suffering today? The answer is provided in Genesis 3 where we are told of Adam’s original sin and two key results of the Fall of Man.

g72Uc-FoyJocHABi2KoQAo2F3tVTVdYH7JQrASuNWssFirst, Adam’s sin separated us from our loving Creator. This required that we be redeemed with God. In fact, the first promise of our redeeming Savior is found in Genesis 3:15 where we’re told the seed of the woman will bruise the head of the serpent. Since the seed comes from the man, God is telling us that our redeeming Savior would be born of a virgin. Amazing!

Second, Adam’s first sin corrupted God’s creation, allowing death and suffering to enter. This is the biblical answer to why the world is full of death and suffering today.

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As scoffers understand, recently invented (1800-1950) old earth beliefs place death before Adam, eliminating that an original sin corrupted a perfect world. Frank Zindler, the editor of American Atheist, correctly noted in 1996 that if there never was an original sin, there is no need of salvation. Why is that so?

Because, again, the biblical accounts hold that it was Adam’s original sin that brought death into a perfect creation, separating us from God while requiring our redemption with Him through Jesus. If there was never an original sin separating mankind from God there is no need of redemption with Him.

Death-before-Adam beliefs also undermine people’s perception of the authority of God’s Word and the biblical response to why there is death in God’s creation. Thus, from a Christian perspective, death cannot precede Adam. Nor did it!

In Genesis 6 we learn man’s sin was great in the earth, so the Lord judged mankind with a flood that covered all the high hills under heaven (Gen 7:19). This was a lynch-pin event! Death-before-Adam (old-earth) beliefs are based on earth’s rock layers (layers laid down by water) having formed over long ages of time. God’s worldwide deluge explains the strata’s rapid formation, eroding death-before-Adam beliefs! See our DVD “It’s About Time” or Read Russ’ book, The COS†.

DSCN0795My advice is that we put our faith in the Word of God who became flesh and dwelt among us (John 1), our Creator and redeeming Savior, Lord Jesus the Christ.



What do ERVs got to do with it?

Secular Humanists claim that ERVs “Endogenous (splicing) Retro (backwards copying) Viruses” are undeniable proof that apes and humans evolved from a common ancestor.

So let’s dissect this so every one can see the facts.

First, a retrovirus injects a small strand of RNA into a cell where it splices and backwards copies itself into the victim’s DNA to become an ERV sequence.

Note: the ERV must occur in DNA pertaining to reproduction in order to be passed on to the next generation and research reveals that ERVs can move around after they have spliced into a gene.

Second, Darwinists ignore the fact that ERVs can move around and assume that an inherited ERV will always show up in the same genetic location. Then they search for ERVs in chimp DNA that are located in the same spot as those found in human DNA claiming that any such ERV is proof we have a common ancestor.

Indeed, 14 out of 98,000 human ERVs are found in the same location as are 14 chimp ERVs (.00014%). However, this means that 99.99986% are not the same! Hardly proof in favor of a close common ancestry between ape and man.

Also, since the average ERV only contains 500 base pairs of genetic data, whereas a human cell contains 3,000,000,000 base pairs of information, claiming that ERVs prove evolutionism is nothing more than Humanistic hype.

The bottom line is this: People must learn to distinguish real science from biased Humanistic conjecture.

So what do ERVs have to do with proving Darwinism? Absolutely nothing!