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Since 2004 Russ has led more people on Bible-based Grand Canyon Rim, Grand Staircase and Rim & Raft Tours than all other Creation groups combined! We provide a different view of the Canyon while revealing the truth, relevance and authority of God’s Word.

Your command of the scriptures and knowledge of science behind the flood was so helpful in changing my view about the importance of the fall of man and its impact on the world. The understanding you provide on your awesome tour is life changing! Pastor (former Gap Theorist)

Grand Canyon: One-Day Rim Tour

We pick up your church or group in a luxury bus from Phoenix, Flagstaff or Williams. We travel along the edge of Painted Desert. This South Rim Tour includes 4 of Russ’ popular teachings while in route (capturing Grand Canyon & dinosaurs for God’s glory while destroying Darwinism); 6-hours in the Park; 4 on-the-rim talks; optional 1 & 3 mile hikes along the rim; plus a Grand Canyon IMAX option.


Grand Canyon: Two-Day Rim & Raft Tour

Add a river raft trip through a major step of the Grand Staircase to our One-Day Rim Tour. We take your group rafting raft where 800 foot sandstone walls tower above the river. Big Horn sheep, chuckwalla, osprey & hieroglyphs are often seen. The float ends at historic Lee’s Ferry, 17-miles down river. This is “user friendly” for ages 4 and up! Join one of our  2016 or 2017 tours.

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Grand Staircase Group Tour: 6 Day Journeys

Few are aware sediments a mile+ deep have been removed from above the rim of Grand Canyon (only a global flood can explain such erosion). The layers are picked up in “The Grand Staircase” which includes Bryce and Zion National Parks, with remnants found near Grand Canyon.


Bryce is at the top of the Staircase where massive sheet fed flooding left spires and arches in the multi-colored limestone.  Zion consists of towering sandstone cliffs, as seen at Angel’s Landing or in the Great White Throne, and deep slot canyons, adorned in cream, pink and red hues.

So add time Bryce & Zion to our Rim & Raft trip and you have one of the best, life-changing, Christian vacations outside of Israel!

I just graduated from a Christian high school where I was taught I evolved from an amoeba, and my church never addressed these issues at all! This trip has changed my life!  Zach (age 18)

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Go with us on one of our 2016 or 2017 journeys where seats are available! Remaining 2016 trips include:

• 10-1: Grand Canyon Rim Tour 4 SEATS AVAILABLE
• 10-14 to 17: Rim & Raft trip w/Jay Seegert 15 SEATS AVAILABLE

2017 trips:

  • March 18: Grand Canyon Rim Tour from Prescott, AZ
  •  May 18: Grand Canyon Rim
  • May 26-29: Rim & Raft Trip w/Eric Hovind of Creation Today
  • June 16-19: Rim & Raft Trip
  • June 22-25: Rim & Raft Trip w/Compass Intl.
  • July 27-30: 3rd Annual Rim & Raft trip w/Jay Seegert, Creation Education Center
  • August 12: Grand Canyon Rim Tour from Prescott, AZ
  • September 14-22: Grand Staircase tour

Email: Joanna@CreationMinistries.Org for more information

How to Arrange a Tour

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