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4-25 to 26: Faith Community Church, Tucson, AZ

5-2: Grand Canyon Rim Tour - Harvest Bible Church

5-3: First Southern Baptist, Kingman, AZ

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Grand Staircase/Grand Canyon DVD

"You spoke at my church and had a tremendous influence on my family, and others."  Revealing the Truth of God's Word.  See Messages

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 Join us to see Grand Canyon thru a Biblical view that crushes Secular misinterpretations.

Click here to see our Grand Canyon Promo video (95 seconds) on Vimeo.

See our schedule of Rim & Raft tours under Creation Travel or join our June 6 Grand Canyon Rim Tour 

Our DVDs

CESM DVDs of Russ' popular teachings are engaging & viewers understand them! 24-sessions, filmed live, including Russ' talks on his Grand Canyon Rim tours.   DVD Set

Life-changing information, FAQs, On-The-Rim talks and much more!

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Our book is easy to read & makes the issues easy to understand!

"Be prepared to be surprised and strengthened in your faith. The COST is way more than Creation vs Evolution information. This book is life-changing!"

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In The COSt (Creation-Original sin-Separation-the Cross) Russ reinterprets the top 10 old-earth teachings and the top 10 Darwinian beliefs thru a biblical view which crushes the secular strongholds. Also covers the top 10 evil fruit of old-earth beliefs and references 200+ Bible verses!

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Your book & DVDs made it easy to understand the root of the lies & how to educate those who challenge our belief in our Creator.  David

Spanish DVD

In Spanish!  Science vs Darwinism & An Old Earth or A Global Flood.

Order this DVD at Su Tiempo Acerca de El Darwinismo Engano


GC Upright sunriseSince 2004 Russ Has Led 1000's On eye-opening Grand Canyon Rim Tours!

See our Grand Canyon Rim and Grand Staircase Group Tours

"You opened my eyes and I look at this trip as a highlight in my Christian walk." Aaron
"Your Grand Canyon rim tour was enlightening! The things I’ve been taught about God all make sense now!"

Grand Strcse

A mile of strata were removed from above the Canyon's rim leaving the Grand Staircase!



Endowed By Their Creator:

America's Christian Heritage Activity Book.

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"These coloring books make the best gifts and a great teaching tool!"



Noah's Ark & Dinosaurs Activity Book.


Learn of dinosaurs and Biblical foundations.


Noah's Ark & Dinosaurs Coloring Book

"What a great Christian resource!"

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