What’s nylon eating bacteria got to do with it?

Back in the 1970’s bacteria were found that could digest nylon. Humanists incorrectly assumed that the bacteria were evolving due to a mutation that had added new and beneficial genetic information to the bacterium’s DNA.  However, by the early 1990’s scientific research had revealed that several types of bacteria have the ability to digest nylon due to a … Continue reading What’s nylon eating bacteria got to do with it?


  The Darwinian tale that psuedogenes are left overs from the course of primate to man evolution collapses in the face of the discovery that guinea pig and human GULOP have 36% identical disablement. This logically refutes the entire Darwinian “shared mistakes” argument.  (Unless you think you evolved from a guinea pig). Today, what for the past … Continue reading Psuedogenes


We have all of our teachings, filmed live, on both our DVD’s and online videos. On Vimeo you can watch 95 of our videos  in 3 categories: 1] Age-of-the-Earth issues contains 39 videos including “An Old Earth or A Global Flood” and “Grand Canyon & The Grand Staircase” plus Russ’ on-the-rim talks                                                             at Grand Canyon and more! … Continue reading Videos

Who We Are

Statement of Faith The Biblical God created the heavens, earth, seas and all that in them is during a literal six day time span roughly 6,000 years ago. The original Creation was “very good” until Adam’s ORIGINAL SIN let death enter the world. This ORIGINAL SIN separated mankind from God and required a blood sacrifice (eventually … Continue reading Who We Are